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Been going to J's for several years. All the staff are fantastic. Always receive a warm welcome. Bruce

- BruceH-47


"Been going to J's since I was a young lad. Recently moved to Manchester and not found a barbers like it! I can honestly say that J's is by far the number one gents barbers in the area and so far from my experience in Manchester also. The level of service is exceptional and the customer care is outstanding. They cater to all your needs and make your stay comfortable and personal to you. You get everything you ask for and more. No rushing in and out and no silly little mistakes. I now only get my hair cut at J's and will make the 2 and half hour trip to get my hair done. Excellent work guys!"

- RyanSt


"Thank you so much for the lovely service and kindness of your staff and wonderful haircut for my little boy, he is loving the haircut and so is his mammy and daddy. He is looking forward to coming back again when his hair grows back :). Recommended 100% by me, thanks again"

- sarah4kids


"Excellent. Been going to J's ever since moving up to Guisborough seven years ago. Prices have gone up significantly since then, but as you always get a very good careful cut and some friendly banter, it is still great value.


The shop can get very busy at times (I have seen the queue coming out the door in the past), but it is definitely worth waiting. I did try the other barbers down the road just once. They did such a poor job (noticed when I got home that my hair was longer on one side than the other!) that I decided to go back into town and get it 'fixed' at J's. Jim spent a good half hour levelling it out and sorting the mess the other place had made - took much longer than a normal cut in fact - and then told me I didn't have to pay as 'You've already paid for one haircut today'. I insisted in the end, but that story pretty much sums it up: Good service, nice people."

- Happy customer in Guisborough


"The amount of times that you go to get your hair done and it is packed to the rafters speaks for itself. I just don't want to go elsewhere. You always seem like your hair has been cut properly. I have tried other barbers when I haven't had the patience or time to wait but wished I had the patience. In fact, my oldest son got his hair done somewhere else and I could tell (if that makes any sense). A nice even haircut every time!"

- Satisfied customer in Guisborough

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